Once upon a time, people used to shop for Christmas. And every time they went to the magic shop also known as Mall they had a reaaaallllyyy big problem: they forgot where they put their horses. Or deers. Or ponies. Or whatever dog they used to get there.So, what would a good fairytale hero do? Of course, he (or she, to be politically correct) would teach their animals human language. Yes, they would give them the gift of speaking.

Chevrolet Loc8tor or The Story of The Noisy Parking LotStupid story, right? Well, Chevrolet actually thought a long time about it and invented… K.I.T.T.Y, The Loc8tor!! Not as stupid as the Renault Formula 1 salt and pepper shaker, but still: the device that makes your car speak whatever you want it to speak.
I really don’t think there is anymore to it than that.
One thing is for sure, the hero in our fairytale was clearly a heroine. Who else could call something K.I.T.T.Y. ( it comes from Key Innovation That Talks to You, if you were wondering).

So, for the last 10 minutes I’ve been laughing uncontrollably